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At last the piece is finished and is on on display in the foyer of Cardiff School of Art and Design.   Initially the case* was filled with the history of the piece: sketches, tracings, etc.  Following discussion, I removed all the ephemera, leaving only the sculpture in the case, to test the idea that in this way the object becomes more powerful and the viewer is not overwhelmed with objects and text. (I tried placing ‘Orthodoxy’, the source book, alongside but was uncomfortable with the arrangement.)

Canvassing an opinion of the piece, I was told that it was morbid,; the words ‘Father forgive’  denoted pain and the baby hand was losing the grasp of the adult thumb, engendering a sense of loss.  This is interesting as it was not so far from the intent. What could be more morbid than the crucifixion?  The instant when God seemed an atheist was the same moment that he let go his Son and they were separated.  It is exciting to see how the message could be read in this way.

 I was limited to using the display case, a plinth was not an option. The radiator is an unpleasant background but not normally seen by the viewer close up.