Fish and Chip jumpers photoshopped into corridor

Putting together the Clyde & Co proposal was really useful as an exercise in itself.  It also led to writing the second, unsolicited but successful,  proposal for the sculpture to go to St Michael’s in Bath.

Making it to the long shortlist is also exciting and useful. Since  I was advised to improve the visualisations;

1)  I have got to grips with Photoshop, coloured in the original sketch and Photoshopped the extreme jumpers  into an image of the site

2)  I added information concerning the choices made for colours – each jumper represents a continent and the colours are drawn from the flags of the countries represented on that continent by Clyde & Co.

3) I made changes to the other image sizes and changed the layout orientation.

It is now a much better proposal, thanks to the advice received.

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The unsolicited proposal I made was met with more enthusiasm than I could have possibly expected.   Grateful thanks to Martin Lloyd-Williams, Rector of St Michael’s Without, Bath, for taking me up on the proposal and making the suggestion that the sculpture be there for Holy Week as well as the Bath Fringe Arts Festival.  It is a piece based on the Good Friday moment, so the timing is apt.  Installed, it seemed to fit like a piece of the  jigsaw, even the colours worked perfectly. Amazing!

The recent Bath Fringe Arts submission got me thinking about making another Box of Delights but this time around the theme of access to clean water, complementing recent work based around issues of social injustice.  The drafting films for 3 screens took a long time to draw but are finished.  I have a double sided slide box that will take 2 x175 slides to contain  the prints but they are going to look good as a sheet too.  Prints can be made whilst other work is in progress – I like having a variety of things to do, so long as I keep on top of it all.  I seem to have ideas buzzing but that is creativity!

Meanwhile, the proposal to St Michael’s in Bath to show the recently completed sculpture (see post on 22nd March) has been met positively, to the extent that it has been requested for Holy Week. Fantastic! It is about Holy Week, after all.  Now to get the practicalities arranged….Image

I have just heard that ‘The Case of the Relic Hunter’ and ‘Box of Delights’ will be exhibited in the Fringe Arts Bath Festival,  May 23rd- June 8th

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Firstly: work out out some ideas (6 prints of the mosaic floors/6 convex and concave mirrors/6 large jumpers)

Secondly: explore the practicalities of the ideas (access to the equipment needed for fabrication/costings/skillbase/access to companies involved in fabrication/practicalities)

Thirdly: choose option – this is now easy

Fourthly: write the proposal and submit it.

Well, 3 out of 4 is good progress so far. Now to try to get it all on paper.

At last, I have decent photos of this work which is carved from Portland stone and has a base of wood mudlarked from the Thames.

Now what to do with it?  I think its natural environment is a church or cathedral.  If you know of anywhere that would like it on loan for a while, do get in touch.

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Lovely tarnish

Lovely tarnish

I’ve had a terrible time with migraine for the past few months – it’s been a battle of constant catch-up in between episodes, whilst still having a background headaches of varying strengths.  Now I don’t have a headache (hopefully the new meds are kicking in and things can be controlled). Now that my head is clear, I can enjoy my work and community again.

Today I showed a friend a couple of pages torn from vintage children’s encyclopedia. Many people wouldn’t understand the pleasure of the information combined with the subtle but beautiful printing but this artist went into spasms of joy. I showed others some tarnished metal pots from a car boot sale and they understood why I had insisted to the stall holder that I wouldn’t want to ‘polish them up lovely’. Here people take joy in a demonstrating new cutting knife, or paper, found textures. Here is an oasis of mutual  joys and commonality.

The paradox: to see more, stand at a distance.


The sculptural aspect of this has become ‘Milk And Two Sugars’ whilst another piece of work is begun in the ‘Just Deserts’ menu, (see orange link, ‘ just-deserts’ above).  This has potential to grow as a menu collection made around social justice issues.

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At last the piece is finished and is on on display in the foyer of Cardiff School of Art and Design.   Initially the case* was filled with the history of the piece: sketches, tracings, etc.  Following discussion, I removed all the ephemera, leaving only the sculpture in the case, to test the idea that in this way the object becomes more powerful and the viewer is not overwhelmed with objects and text. (I tried placing ‘Orthodoxy’, the source book, alongside but was uncomfortable with the arrangement.)

Canvassing an opinion of the piece, I was told that it was morbid,; the words ‘Father forgive’  denoted pain and the baby hand was losing the grasp of the adult thumb, engendering a sense of loss.  This is interesting as it was not so far from the intent. What could be more morbid than the crucifixion?  The instant when God seemed an atheist was the same moment that he let go his Son and they were separated.  It is exciting to see how the message could be read in this way.

 I was limited to using the display case, a plinth was not an option. The radiator is an unpleasant background but not normally seen by the viewer close up.


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